Although every baby can benefit from cranial treatments, the one condition that is presented more than any other and is one of the main reasons why parents decide to get cranial treatments for their baby is colic. Colic normally occurs within the first five weeks after birth and it can affect the babies physical and emotional well-being for many weeks after. It can effectively be treated with cranial therapy in a relatively short space of time.

Signs of colic

  1. the crying or discomfort most frequently begins suddenly and often after a feed
  2. the crying is loud and continuous
  3. the crying and discomfort can last from 1 to 4 hours
  4. the baby faces often flushed red
  5. the babies belly is sometimes distended and its legs alternate between flexed and extended straight out
  6. the babies feet and fists can be clenched
  7. restless sleep
  8. refluxing
  9. cramping
  10. the episodes of colic can occur at any time the day and night, but typically begins in the late afternoon or early evening

Colic can not only be extremely distressing to the baby, but also to the baby's parents, who often feel helpless to comfort their child. This distress is completely unnecessary and can often be completely alleviated, within four treatments of Cranial therapy.

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